Aims & Objectives

SPCA Thanjavur District


Existing Objectives:

  • The Society will not interfere / Participate in the activities of any political Party.
  • The Functions of the society will be independent and self-autonomous
  • The Society will create awareness among, the public to protect the nature and to improve it by planting trees etc., and surrounding to be made comfortable for nourishment for animals in vicinity
  • Nonprofit Organization

Additional Objectives:

  • Promotion of animal welfare generally for the purpose of preventing of cruelty and for protecting animals form being subjected to unnecessary pain or suffering, in particular to maximum possible extent;
  • Rendering of veterinary assistance to sick and injured animals by establishing veterinary dispensaries, veterinary hospitals, animal clinics and animal ambulance and such other means;
  • Imparting education in relation to the humane treatment of animals, build empathy towards animals, encouraging the formation of public opinion against the infliction of pain and suffering to animals and for the promotion of animal welfare by means of lectures, books, posters, films shows, exhibitions and the like:
  • Animal Birth Control (ABC) for Dogs, Cats and any other animals as may be required;
  • To take all measures and steps as may be required for the above objects.

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